랩101은 자유로운 삶에 대한 생각과 함께 시작합니다.
우리가 하늘과 바다를 바라볼 때의 편안함, 기존의 것들에 대한 도전, 더 높은 곳을 향한 꿈.
우리는 데님을 통해 이 모든 것들에 대한 가치를 끊임없이 연구하고 도전합니다.
LAB101 begins and ends with freedom. 
The freedom to be as comfortable as you would like, A challenge against established predispositions, An attempt at something more. 
We express all this and more through denim.
Our motto is to continue experimenting from a never-ending array of perspectives. On the uniquely expressive and
versatile canvas of denim, we add on our designs to make it more durable, and explore our own ideas to challenge and expand horizons.
This isn’t just limited to denim, but also our outlook, our way of life.
101, BACK TO BASICS Universities in US, 101 indicates the foundations of any area of studies.
We study the basics of denim down to its DNA. Back to basics in life, the universe, and everything. That is our 101.